Cappuccino etiquette

A spoon is essential. Good coffee a must. The spoon is picked up and slowly and gently scoops a little froth and a touch of chocolate. This is taken from the edge of the cup with the back of the spoon facing the rim so as not to disturb the appearance of the coffee. Slowly, slowly and deliberately the spoon is raised to the mouth. Taste slowly and enjoy. The joy of the coffee is still to come. The spoon, slowly returns to the cup. This time a more generous scoop of the spoon is made around the full rim of the cup, and the spoon once again raised slowly to the mouth enjoy. Repeat if necessary to remove froth from the rim of the cup or mug. This avoids an embarrassing chinostache later. Keep the appearance of the coffee as intact as possible. Now slowly raise your coffee cup and sip slowly. Enjoy.

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All photographs taken by GVNicholas