City Gloom

When I walk along the City street
A smile passes me by
I wish I was that person

The morning sun struggles through the morning’s grey gloom
Traffic noise cuts the air sharply
Pollen irritates
Cigarette smoke abhors
The homeless not yet moving as workers march on by

The load feels heavy
Each facet weighing more than the one after or before
Heavy, Indefinable, Unwanted

A man with a smile passes me by
A joke perhaps?
Or recatching a night of love
Maybe thoughts of a day to come
A genuine smile
Real, Desirable

As his smile passes me by
His inner happiness extends
Penetrating the city gloom

My load has weight
My load is hard to carry
When I next catch a glimpse of a smile passing me by
It will penetrate the gloom
I will find memories of a joke
A moment of love
Or think of good things to come

When I walk along the city street and a smile passes me by
I’ll pass it on