Bucketing with The Big Green S

S for Seniors on Myki card

My S for Senior!

This last week I used my Seniors Myki for the first time. Great. $3.60 to get into the City on work days – such a saving on the $11.08 I used to pay! But I am pleased to have a big green S on my train ticket? I think not.

Senior is a work with many applications in the English language: of higher rank or position, the older of two, in a higher level and an elderly person. Perhaps ‘senior’ as used on the Myki card should have a new definition e.g. a mature person:
1. with a zest for life, 2. who is a seeker of new experiences, or 3. spreading wisdom

We could have a space on our seniors’ Myki to fill in our own definition of Senior. With personal identities for phones and such like why not a personal identity for our Myki card? No elderly person stuff for me!  A proactive verb would be the go:  creating, exploring, developing, adventuring, escaping, questing, appraising.  Go on create a new verb. Here we go – bucketing – as in a bucket list (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bucket_List).   I could write ‘Wise woman bucketing life by train’.  Or maybe not.

As I set off on my first day I wasn’t thinking about bucketing life but rather whether the new card was going to work and whether the security guards were going to pull me up to see my sparkling new Seniors Card.  All went smoothly.  I was disappointed that the security guard who seemed to study me carefully as I came through the gate at Flinders Street didn’t pull me over.  ‘Damn,’  I thought, ‘He thinks I look 60!’.  Time to go and write that Bucket List.