Buses, bumps and blogging

My calendar for today shows an appointment, but I am sure I can find more interest in my day. Maybe even progressing in my never ending quest: finding clothes to suit the mature, bumpy, professional woman. And blog writing – a challenge to write about some of what I see and do.

11.15 am
I have made it to a coffee shop, survived the been through the, “Can I justify the muffin today?” routine and the same answer: “No: twice as easy to put on weight and twice as hard to take it off”. The coffee is very average, so to speak, and I am thinking I should have gone straight to a clothes shop – but which one?

A nearby explorer is fascinated with the purple dinosaur behind me:  climbing, touching, feeling, familiarising.  Imagine a purple friend your size that has complete tolerance of your every investigation – even when you stray to the yellow animal across the way. The explorer’s Mum has decided to allow a ride and the flashing lights and whirring of a purple machine convince me to swallow the last of my boring brew and move on. If I was a more confident blogger I would ask if I could take a photo…

A soft cooling breeze is drifting from the sunshine into the shade where I sit. I have misjudged the time it would take to walk from the shops to my appointment location. It is surprising how little traffic noise is penetrating the park from the main road nearby. The quiet is drowned by the noise of bulldozers and workers. Behind me the remains of Anzac wreaths browning in the sun are a sad sight.

I had one success at the shops in a venue I never expected to have success in. Now the dreaded task of matching my new long and patterned skirt with tops – oh I do so hope there is a match in my wardrobe at home otherwise I will need to venture out on more shopping trips.

1 pm

Blogging in waiting rooms beats reading another episode of ‘What Brittany Did’, ‘What Brittany Did Next’, or ‘Buckingham Wars: vol 3. Camilla and Kate’.

2.30 pm

Green tea, sushi and a decision to make: keep shopping or beat the peak traffic home? The shops are busy and noisy. When will I next have time to shop? Will I waste my time looking? Won’t they have great lines for the young and thin but nothing for the mature and bumpy? Other mature and bumpy women have clothes so there must be delightful garments somewhere! Somewhere! Decision: follow nose and see what happens!

3.30 pm

Today I changed a pattern of behaviour. Everytime I have travelled to Box Hill I have driven and paid a hefty amount for parking. Today I am travelling by bus and train costing, thanks to my Seniors Card, $A3.60! There were a few delays on the route this morning, but hey, I had allowed extra time for shopping and it was good blogging time.

The train home is the school run. Noisy, each student getting louder than the other. Happy, squealing sounds. A splattering of sunglasses identify older passengers wanting protection from the day’s glare. There are the mobile devices – students and younger adults mainly. Older adults are sitting, relaxing, sitting, staring.  I am sitting contentedly in the middle of it all – blogging.

4.20 pm

Writing about what is happening in my day has taken my mind away from ongoing stresses.  I have been focussing on what is around me and how I can write it.  I have been learning how to use my mobile WordPress app. I have seen things in my day I may not have seen otherwise.  Those things I missed today as I mobile blogged I may not have seen if  I had been drawn into the stresses in my life.  It has been fun.

Note:  I am disappointed that the photos I took using the camera link through the app did not save. I had expected that using this link that the photos would appear in the draft.  This not happening I expected them to appear in the Gallery on the phone.  Not so.